July 6: A surfing competition and subsequent crowning of the “Chairman of the Board” are part of the attractions of DeGaydis Capers week at (where else?) DeGraydis Cape on Pun’s southern coast.

July 12: Northern Pun’s city of Smorgasburg hosts its annual Rat Race (also known as the C. Howdy Run), a 10-K event held each July along the shoreline of Betonda Bay. Last year’s winners were Mary Thon and Amahl Tuckerdout. If you like to get your exercise on the dance floor, you might try Smorgasburg’s Swedish Meet Ball, held in conjunction with the Rat Race. This marathon dance is held in the ballroom of the Swede Dreams Hotel.

July 18-20: The local mental health clinics of Grape Harbor benefit from the proceeds of a wine-tasting celebration during the Days of Wine and Neurosis festival kicking off on the 18th and running into the weekend.

July 28-29:The Pun Country Music Festival is held this weekend in MacTruck in western Pun.Headliners this year include Hank O’Hare, who will be singing songs from his new album Bald and Chained, including “High Price Toupee,” “Indian Princess (Let Me Keep Your Wig Warm),” and “No Pain, Rogaine,” and folksingers The Country Girls Trio (Shelby Cumming, Rhonda Mountain, Gwen Sheekums), whose biggest hit was “If I Had To Do It All Over (I’d Do It All Over You)”