March, 2015

This installment of “This Month in Pun” is brought to you by Sunsets Trips Travel Agency, specializing in senior citizen excursion packages. Contact travel agents Ben Dare and Dawn Datt at 1448 Doan Dilleed Alley, Fairthy Wells, Pun.

All Month: March is Fine Arts Month at the Caramel Center in Pun City. This year’s performances include stand up comedy by comedienne Shirley Yujest (4th), a concert by Bertha DeBlooz (5th), jazz stylings by the Caspar Jammers Jazz Band (10th), show tunes from Sam and Janet Evening (13th), the Pranzeran Dancers (19th), The Grandol Opera (21st), and the Pun National Symphony, featuring guest conductor Phil Harmonic (24th). The city of MacTruck’s Citizen Band always concludes the month-long festivities each by playing Handel. Handel usually loses.

Elsewhere this month:

March 2-6:The Pun Industrial Trade Show (PITS) is held this week in Artich Oaks.Situated at the north end of Safen Sound at the junction of Jimmida Creek, the Alimentary Canal, and three railroads, Artich Oaks became an important trading and manufacturing center. The bustling city boasts corporate headquarters and manufacturing plants for such diverse industries as plumbing (Pharoah Faucets), ceramics (Repp Tile), furriers (Fursthings Furs), tobacco (C. Garbutt Company), distilling (Boot Liquors and Spirits of St.Louis). and textiles (Storyteller Yarns). You can see displays and product samples from these and other Pun companies and pick up brochures as well. If you’re looking for a different place to spend a day, it’s the PITS.

March 21: Crowds gather each year on this day to watch the Changing of the Garb ceremony at the Royal Palace in Pun City, when the Royal Militia changes from its winter uniforms into its summer dress right in front of everybody.

March 27: Odie Doodah Day is celebrated on the shores of Betonda Bay in north Pun. Discovered in the late 1500’s by English explorers Bob Talnag and Odie Doodah, Betonda Bay’s natural harbor served as a refuge from the turbulent waters of Kissov Depth. The bay’s first colony, Camptown, later became the town of Doodah. The village celebtrates its founding each year on this date. Principal events are a horse race and wine-tasting festival. The Chamber of Commerce promises sufficient “wine to run all night and wine to run all day.”

All month: The Pun publishing company, Juan Ferdy Books, has announced a book signing tour to promote Archie Wawa’s new mystery Arsenic and Oles. Check local sources for venues and dates for the tour. Someone is poisoning Mexican matadors and detective Juan Amor Quescion finds no shortage of suspects as he snoops around the bullring. There’s Carmen Geddit, a bullfighter groupie who was bedded and rejected by all the slain matadors. There’s also Monty Hall, a picador who was jealous of the bullfighters fame and fortune. And who would have a better opportunity to poison the matadors than their personal cook and pastry chef Lego Diego. Or could the culprit be crooked bullfight promoter Felice DePippol? What about brash musician Mary Yachi? What is the significance when Quescion inspects the grounds at the construction site of a new corrida and finds a bull dozing? And who is sending Juan notes threatening to put a bullet in his brain if he continues the investigation? Will he identify the killer before someone puts a hole in Juan? It’s a literary romp as Quescion tries to separate the truth from the bull.