Spring festivities and special events continue this month:

May 1 At Forest Landing, a town on the Stream of Consciosness, the Pun Communist Party holds its May Day celebration. The party’s society for men (the Marx Brothers) and it’s female counterpart (the Lenin Sisters) hold rallies, give speeches and, in general, attempt to recapture the glory of the Tsar Wars.

May 9-10 Check out the William Frolic in the town of Babaloo on Santa Lucia (The Isle of Lucy). Except for the traditional grape-stomping and candy-eating competitions and a performance by the zany rock band Dizzy Lou, activities for this year’s frolic were unavailable at press time. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed. Usually, everyone has a ball.

May 21 It’s Dennis Day in Pun City in honor of Seeyor Dennis, one of Pun’s most creative citizens. Dennis was a noted architect, engraver and designer. He constructed many of the country’s bridges, engraved the currency plates, and designed the royal crowns. His house, in the Tooth Acres subdivision of Pun City, is a national landmark and is open wide from 9-5 daily. Located at the corner of Ake and Payne.

May 22-25 Fort Ewinks hosts the Lazy Fair. No activities are planned, no arts and crafts demonstrated or displayed. Tourists are advised to leave this one alone.

All month Admission fees are greatly reduced this month at Pun City’s Aboynem Zoo. The zoo is one of the most delightful attractions in Pun City and a must see for tourists. Because Pun is an isolated island, the animal life is unique. Simulated natural environments showcase the wildlife to its best advantage. The “Tenk Yew Berry Marsh” simulates the environments of the Huckleberry Fen and and Howe’s Bayou regions of Pun. You’ll see Mad Adders and Dew Azure Toads. The “Ape Pre-cut Preserve” chronicles the devastating effects that rainforest clearing is having on the home of mountain gorillas and other species. The special class of animals in the “Black Boar Jungle” offers a mix of savage and violent predators, such as the Dotted Lion and the Rod’s Tiger (which hunts only in the heat of the night). The “Bornatabee Wilds” replicate Pun’s grasslands areas. You’ll see Saracen Roebuck, Hecklin Jackals, and Dix Eland there, to name but a few species. There is also a petting zoo for the kids at “Nocturnal Farm” where children can come face to face with Night Mares, Rapid Hartebeests, and Gotch Ewes. Aboynem Zoo is located at the corner of Wilde and Woo Lee. Plan on spending a full day.