November, 2015

This installment of “This Month on Pun” is brought to you by The Bridal Path Wedding Consultants. Owner Gwen Toody Chapel says, “When you’re through horsing around, we’ll help you rope him in, bit by bit.” Located on Center Isle, Pun.

November 7-8: There are many fall festivals all across Pun and on this weekend the seaport city of Smorgasburg on the shore of Betonda Bay holds its Flounders Day celebration. The highlight is a fishing tournament held just for the halibut. The city also has many attractions that reflect its rich seafaring history. For the last two hundred years, ships have been guided into Betonda Bay by Miller Light, which was built in 1782 and immortalized in the 1897 novel, Miller Light by Tess Grate and Les Philling. Tours of the lighthouse are available and visitors can learn the amount of work involved in lighthouse keeping. Just a short walk from the lighthouse is the Smorgasburg Maritime Museum. Here, visitors can view displays of representative sea vessels from throughout Pun’s history. Prominently exhibited are the ketch Yurbreath, the launch Ainy, the barge Rye Tin, the schooner Orlater, and the ferry Godmother. Shoppers will enjoy Dock Holiday, a row of former warehouses on the bayfront that have been converted into specialty shops. You can find antique sleepwear at Yesterday’s Snooze, garden herbs at Mother Nature and Father Thyme , men’s suits from China at Kuppensaucer’s, and nautical knickknacks at Shipshapes, just to name a few. Looking for a good place to eat while in Smorgasburg? Try the Hearth and Sole and savor delicious seafood before a warm and inviting fireplace. This is north country dining at its finest. Home is where the hearth is.

November 9-15: This is Dinosaur Week at the Kolomaz Museum in Pun City. On display are fossils retrieved from the frozen wastes of the Dubbelon Tundra and from the ooze and mire of the Walter Wall Tar Pits. Some of the creatures whose bones have been pieced together apparently existed nowhere else on earth. You’ll see fossils of the Roget’s Thesaurus, the almost overlooked Nobodisaurus, the two-footed Dubbeldactyl, the deadly Red Commisaur, the foul-smelling Tyrannosaurs Reex, and the nocturnal Dusktodon. Also on display are the fossils of early mammals such as the Wooly Bully, the Tame Minotta Shrew, the Shuffelofta Buffalo, and a flying pig-like creature, the Hamm Hawk.

November 20: Many books are released during this pre-holiday season and one of the most anticipated this year is in the Sci-Fi genre. The last time we met author Tempest Fugit’s time travelling physician protagonist, Dr. Red Pepper, was in last year’s best selling novel, A Stitch in Time. The plot centered on Dr. Pepper’s kidnapping by time bandits to the year 2099 where the memory banks of surgery-performing computers were inadvertently erased, necessitating the skill and knowledge of a practicing heart surgeon to save the life of a political leader and the world from the brink of Armageddon. In Ms. Fugit’s current book, Back to the Suture, Pepper, now with the knowledge of time travel, journeys into the past to save the lives of various historical figures whose survival would alter the course of history. Additionally, he also recruits a ragtag band of misfit cardioligists and surgical technician rejects to travel through time with him, scrubbing for cardiac operations that are crucial to the molding and shaping of future events. Will this renegade heart-scrub team succeed? As entertaining as Back to the Suture is, it leaves the question unanswered. The reader will have to wait until next year’s publication of Fugit’s final installment of the Dr. Pepper triogy, Surgeon Pepper’s Lowly Heart-Scrub Band.

All month: The college football season on Pun winds down but there are still important upcoming games this month. Smyling faces Tellize, Frazier slugs it out with Alley, Hoast entertains Gestz, Stagg is at Bay, and Equalines will square off with Rytangles.