June, 2024

This installment of “This Month in Pun” is brought to you by Java – The Hut.  Caffiends all across Pun love this trendy coffee bar franchise which features such concoctions as Latte-Dah, G.I. Joe, and Mocha Cola, to name but a few.  At locations throughout Pun.

June 4-5: The Oh! Migration! festival, held in Babaloo on the island of Santa Lucia (the Isle of Lucy), celebrates Pun’s inland expansion from the coastal city-states. Thousands gather to participate in activities centered in and around Pepptobiz Mall to honor the spirit that settled the interior.

June 4: Batteries Park, on the south side of Point Spread in south-central Pun, is the site of a special celebration honoring the city’s history as an important military post. The artillery battery cannons, known as the Guns of Neveron, which for years protected Honorondo Bay and Pun’s capital from marauding pirates such as Cap’n Gown and Long John Undaweir, are still fired once a year to recreate their historic role in Pun’s history. The city creates a festival around the event, held each year on Neveron Sunday.

June 6-11: Mon Key holds its annual Mon Key Shines festival through this week, highlighted by barrel races, business exhibits, a greased pole climbing competition, a wrench toss, and the Gorilla My Dreams beauty pageant.

June 21: In eastern Pun, the longest day of the year is celebrated in a huge arts and crafts festival at the site of Pun’s largest waterfall (720 feet). Check out The Bigger Day Arts at DeHarderday Falls.

June 30: Judge Crater was formed in eastern Pun about 10,000 years ago when a meteorite crashed into the earth. The crater is named for Hubie D. Judge, the man who discovered and mapped it in 1741, and is primarily known for its vast fields of mint that grow in the crater. The rich land of the area gives the mint a strong bouquet and flavor that is highly prized by Pun citizens. A celebration is held every year and people come from all over the island to partake in the festivities on June 30, Judge Mint Day.

All month: In what has now become an annual event, the Pun National Museum of Dance History in Foot Falls has special exhibits all month with reduced admission prices. Visitors can view films and displays and also follow footprint patterns on the floor to do the King Conga, One Trick Pony, the Land, Rock, and Mud Slide, Sour Mash, Weirdos’ Disco, Kaffi Break Dance, Plummers Clog, the Pyar Square Dance (actually a Round Dance) Izzit Reel, Cold Turkey Trot, the Oliver, Plot, and Arm Twists, Lapp Dance, Front Porch Swing, Pink Flamenco, Fazz Shuffle, Watcher Step, Lemon Merengue, Thingma Jig, Mild, Medium or Spicy Salsa, the Carr Rhumba (also known as the Carr Hop and the Front End Shimmy) or the North, South, Tenfoot, Bean, Totem, or Gallop Pole Dances. There are even displays covering the outlawed Strip Polka and the Buttin’s Key Cannibals’ dance, the Hominy Minuet.

Featured Restaurant of the Month: Owner Runford DeRoses used to tend the old race horses that had been put out to pasture from the tracks of in Doodah, Pun.  After he retired, he opened Pasture Prime, a little eatery just up the coast in Bjornburg.  Despite the tacky decor, this is a fine restaurant with an impressive a la carte selection.  Try the house specialty Pasture Prime, or the Belmont Steaks, or Filly Mignon, and tell us if there isn’t something different about the flavor and texture of DeRoses’s cooking.  Fresh baked Thoro Bread is served with each meal.  Ample parking and quick service means you won’t have to wait furlong.  Overlooking Betonda Bay.

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